Present Concerns

Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 29th, 1898 and went to be with the Lord on November 22nd, 1963. He was known as a British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and, of course, a Christian apologist. Continue reading

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Are You Going To Believe?

From what we know, Abraham was a strong man and never staggered in his faith. In fact, Scripture states that he “remained absolutely convinced that God was able to implement his own promise” (Romans 4:21). Continue reading

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Is It True . . . or Not?

I don’t know what is happening in your life; your family concerns; of course your financial concerns, but I do know nothing is going to change your life without the Scriptures! I have seen alcoholics and addicts get their lives cleaned because they started reading the Bible. I have seen God’s Word change self-centered, narcissistic men who abused and misused women into godly husbands, wonderful dads, and outstanding brothers in Christ. Continue reading

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The Power to Do!

In the twenty-fourth chapter of Luke’s Gospel, we read about a time when Jesus’ disciples were hanging around. This was after Jesus had been crucified. Some of the others were even talking about Jesus being raised from the dead! Holy Moly! That must have been quite the conversation, don’t you think? Continue reading

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How The Universe Works . . .

I love watching the Science Channel. Now, you have to watch their shows with a good dose of salt, but I was watching a show entitled “How the Universe Works – First Second.” It was originally broadcast in July 2014, but I was quite heartened to hear the Scientists who appeared, continually spoke of Creation. Now, if you have a Creation, there MUST be a Creator. Continue reading

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Applying the Word

Are you willing to say, “The text is enough!” or do you believe that it has to be text plus the Holy Spirit? You know, this makes a difference. Are you content with an inner knowledge, or only an intellectual knowledge? Continue reading

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He is Still at Work

This morning, allow me to ask you something. But, before you answer, I want you to carefully consider what you say. Okay, here we go . . . is it possible (as remote as it may be) that you are limiting our Lord? Is your Jesus so small, so limited, that you can’t believe his Spirit might be doing a deep, hidden work in the heart of your friend or loved one? Are you judging them for not measuring up to your image of what a believer is? Not sure? Then let me ask that a different way. Do you believe that God is big enough to work in ways that are unseen? Are you limiting what our Lord can (or will) do? Do you believe “So-and-So” is too far away and rebellious to find the Lord? Maybe he is too “hardcore” for the Holy Spirit to do His work? Continue reading

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