Our Guarantee . . .

Previously, I sent you an article entitled, Why I Struggle to Pray for People,” by Suzie Eller, She had begun her comments with a passage from Exodus:

When all the people saw the column of smoke standing at the entrance to the tent, they would all bow with their faces touching the ground at the entrance to their own tents (Exodus 33:10)

When I sent that out, I mentioned that I wanted to make a few comments specifically, on that verse. So, to begin with, it is important that you understand where Israel stood with their God by this time. You see, the Covenant Yahweh had made with them was broken and no longer operating and, well, Israel‘s relationship with Yahweh was broken That is what happens when you violate His Covenants. It all came about when they worshiped that Golden Calf. Continue reading

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Magnifying the Lord (part II)

Yesterday, I began looking at something John Piper wrote back in 1996. I was describing my fascination with the Cosmo, and how I had longed to be an Astronomer (until I discovered I had to love math, as well. And, that I detested math as much as pickles. lol). Anyway, I was asking what it was we look for in a Church? What it would take to draw us into a deep, committed and devoted love for a church and the brothers and sisters we would fellowship with? Continue reading

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Dividing, Electing, and Separating

I just read an article entitled, “‘One World Religion’ Metaphysical Event Gathers Muslims, Jews and Christians to Pray.” It is be dubbed, “Unprecedented and potentially historic.” Well, at least that is how the organizers are billing it. It will happen this fall and Christians, Jews and Muslims will be flocking to the Holy City for a “spiritual gathering” dubbed “Amen — A House of Prayer For All Believers.” Yeah, yeah. Their hope is to create “a single home for the world’s three major religions to harness the city’s ancient powers to inspire artists, musicians and cultural figures from around the world to redefine their art and traditions and connect amid troubling times.” Oh dear God. They are being deceived. Continue reading

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Magnifying the Lord

Yesterday, I sent you a message entitled, “It’s Sunday! But Don’t Go To Church” What I should have called it is, “It’s Sunday! But Don’t ‘Simply’ Go To Church.” Or, But Don’t ‘Merely’ Go To Church.” That certainly would have been more to the point (but wouldn’t have grabbed your attention as quickly. lol). When you climb into your car, drive across town, stop at all of the traffic light, what are you looking for? I’m as serious as a speeding ticket! Why do you go through all that trouble? Is it so you can fulfill one of your religious requirements? Does it make you feel special, more spiritual? Continue reading

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It’s Sunday! But Don’t Go To Church . . .

You know, you need to quit saying, “I go to church.” Big deal. That is expected of every disciple of Jesus. I would prefer that you come to me and say, “Hey! Last Sunday I met up with my family of believers and boy did we have a time of celebration! We had a great time of worshiping our Lord!” That would impress me much more. Continue reading

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Your Father Understands You

My dear friends, we may as well accept the fact that some people will never understand you. And, there is nothing you can do about it!  I know from my own personal experience that it can frustrating and disappointing. But . . . that is the reality we need to accept. Continue reading

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Celebrate The Day!

Oh, those of you who are overwhelmed this morning with all the garbage that life is throwing you way, take Paul’s admonishment and “Delight yourselves in your Father, yes, find your joy in Him at all times! Have a reputation for gentleness, and never forget the nearness of your Lord (Philippian 4:4-5). That’s right, count your blessings. It may be a struggle sometimes, even on the worst of days you can find them! Boast in Jesus. Approach today with gladness in your heart. Continue reading

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