Living The Truth

Yesterday, I discussed how we need to be “Berean’s” in our desire to search out the Truth in the Scriptures. Whenever you hear a teaching from some preacher in your church, on the radio or TV, (even via email), don’t just smile and say, “Wow! That was cool!” No, you need to verify the accuracy of what they taught you. Study it, or as Paul admonished Timothy, Continue reading

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Studying The Truth

There are many believers, sincere in their faith, I might add, that have become convinced that the Earth is doomed unless our world Governments make drastic changes in the way we live. Now, I freely confess that I am not one. Yep, I am a “Global Warming Denier.” I have researched all the supposed “evidence” out there, but have reached a much different conclusion. I have seen the results of error and also, deliberate deception. The bottom line for me is the old adage: Follow the money. Continue reading

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Be A Superman From God’s Word!

If you give me a few moments, I will explain how and why prophetic words, as you will find below, can move and enrich your faith. Just remember that Prophetic words are always given as words of confirmation of something the Lord has already told you, but also to strengthen and encourage you during a time of suffering or frustration. Continue reading

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Hearing His Voice

I was thinking about John the Baptist recently, and I realized that he never made it to Pentecost! He never saw the tongues of fire, he never heard the mighty rushing wind. He never saw Jerusalem shaken and multitudes converted. But, John said that his joy was fulfilled! He had heard something better than the rushing wind — better than good reports — better than the sounds of a joyful bride. Instead, he had heard the Savior’s voice! Continue reading

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Controlling Our Thoughts

Good morning. I will use my imagination for a moment and pretend you are just rolling out of bed. You yawn and stretch your arms and wipe the sleep from your eyes. But now, I want you to where are your thoughts are at this moment? Well, as disciples of Jesus, where do you think your thoughts should be? Well, Paul told the believers in Colossae where they should be: Continue reading

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Your Trials and Difficult Times

I know some of you are struggling with your faith. At times your prayers seem stale, your faith trembling and your vision blurred. The strength and stability you have always relied on are becoming precarious and you are not sure you can remain devoted. Continue reading

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The Source of Evil

In the last message, we examined Creation from a point of view that you probably haven’t thought about. We saw how our Lord’s Creation was created much different from His own existence. Now here is a rule to follow: many will tell you that often science confirms the Scriptures. That is actually backwards. Scripture confirms science. So, when a discovery is made in the world of science, you need to turn to Scripture to confirm what you discovered! What I am saying is that, outside of our Universe, the laws of physics do not necessarily exist. Things operating in those other six or seven dimensions are not necessarily limited to the rules of opposites; and apparently, in Heaven, no opposites are required, although we do have to account for Satan and those fallen angels in some way. Continue reading

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